Custom-built mountain adventures:

no levels to check,

no boxes to squeeze into.

Every mountain, every climb, every descent is a custom adventure designed for you.

The Mountain Repeat. Vol 3.

"We need adventure. It’s in our blood. It will not go away. The mountains will continue to call because they uniquely fulfill our need for communion with nature, as well as our hunger for adventure." - Royal Robbins, one of the first big-wall climbers and original Yosemite Valley rat, who passed away last week at 82.

Spend enough time in the skin track and you’re guaranteed to come across that awkward, seemingly insurmountable switchback, and think … am I missing something? The deal is, skinning, though simple on the surface, actually involves a few crucial skills.

Want to ski or climb in Europe with me this April? I have a week available from the 17th - 22nd, in between trips in the Italian Ortler, the Classic Haute Route, and a week skiing Mont Blanch and Monte Rosa. We could repeat any of those, or go to the Bernese Oberland, the Imperial Haute Route, or explore the Urner Haute Route. Contact me!

Under the category of "Its about damn time," Jeff Lowe is receiving the ninth Piolet d'Or Lifetime Achievement Award.

Less than two minutes long, this video inspired me last Monday to stop what I was doing and get outside:

The Mountain Repeat. Vol 4.

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