Custom-built mountain adventures:

no levels to check,

no boxes to squeeze into.

Every mountain, every climb, every descent is a custom adventure designed for you.

The Mountain Repeat. Vol 5.

This week I'm skiing the Ortler Ski Traverse, an adventure filled with spring ski touring, comfortable huts, and wonderful Italian culture and hospitality. Its also in the mountains that connect the western Dolomiti to Switzerland, and was historically part of the Italian Front of the First World War. It was here that WWI became the "White War" in Italian history. I've been climbing amongst and studying this history for my last two trips, and this will be my first ski trip. Read more about the ski traverse here: LINK.

Did you know that April Fools' Day was first mentioned in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales in 1392?  

This week's video is possibly the most exciting clip from a climbing documentary. I'm told that a drone followed this incredible gifted and minimally equipped alpinist as he made a speedy descent from the summit of a peak in the Indian Himalaya to rejoin his team at the base. No stuntman or special effects were used. I swear.

The Mountain Repeat. Vol 6.

The Mountain Repeat. Vol 4.