June-August: Alpine Trekking

June-August: Alpine Trekking

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1 to 5 days

Ratio 4:1 to 1:1

Alpine trekking is my own name for a few high traverses I've done here in the Cascades. These routes feature high alpine scenery, require a minimum amount of mountaineering equipment, and carry a guarantee that you won't see another soul.

The Inspiration Traverse. This high route crosses the Cascades from Cascade River and Eldorado Peak to Primus Peak and Thunder Creek before reaching Highway 20. Along the way the route crosses six glaciers, summits Eldorado and Primus Peaks, and has the option of summiting two more peaks, Klawatti and Austera. 4 days, or all five days for all four summits.

North Pickets Traverse. This wild 6-7 day loop actually runs north to south from nearly the Canadian border back the Ross Lake dam. A boat taxi gives us a ride us a ride to the seldom used Little Beaver Creek trail, a straight shot to Whatcom Pass. Then its a climb up the North Ridge of Whatcom Peak before heading down to Perfect Pass and traversing the Challenger Glacier. The traverse summits Mount Challenger too, before going on to Luna Peak. From there we leave the Picket's proper and follow the long Stetattle Ridge to Sourdough Mountain, and then back to the car.