NOTE: Start planning early. Initially contacting me six months out is ideal and strongly recommended. A deposit is required to save the date - first to pay is first to be booked. 


1. Check my calendar (updated on the 1st and 15th of the month) to see my availability.

2. Fill out this short form.

Name *
If you need me to contact you in less than 24 hours, please include a phone number.
What date would you like the trip to start? *
What date would you like the trip to start?
If you're uncertain or flexible , just enter the first of the month you're interested in and let me know below.
I'm happy to work with individuals, pairs, families or groups of friends, but I don't normally offer trips for guests looking to join a "team" of strangers. I simply don't believe doing so is the best guiding for your money. Also, most of the trips I do offer require smaller ratios. If your group exceeds 4 people, please let me know below and let's talk about it.

3. I will email you a trip proposal. We'll go through as many rounds of edits as necessary until you give written approval.

4. Registration requirement varies with destination, so a link to registration, payment instructions, and payment policies will be sent in an email after you confirm your itinerary.

5. Payment policies also vary depending on location, so a separate email with payment instructions, cancelation and payment policies will be sent in an email after you register.


  • 1 client: $450/day

  • 2 clients: $300/day/person

  • 3 clients: $250/day/person

  • 4 or more clients: $200/day/person

Chris Simmons is a professional Mountain Guide. He is certified, licensed, permitted and insured. The rates charged go towards a modest living for Chris, public land use permit fees, liability insurance, workman's compensation, equipment use and an incident management team for emergencies. If you find the service exceptional, gratuity is appreciated, but never expected. You may find a less expensive guide, but the rate will reflect the product.

ADDITIONAL COSTS: Additional costs will be included in the trip proposal, may be included in the total, paid enroute, or charged afterwards as agreed between you and Chris. This may include: extended or "extreme" day rates; mileage or travel expenses; guest groceries; credit card service fees and taxes. These costs vary widely depending on destinations and itineraries.