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Gear - Repair Kit

Repair Kit.JPG

I posted this on Instagram last week, and was happily surprised by the reaction it received. My repair kit goes out with me almost every day skiing or climbing. I’ve managed to repair tent poles, ski poles, jackets, ski bindings, broken ski boots, camp stoves, and backpacks with this kit. A lot of the items cross over for splinting material too. In my experience, well maintained equipment rarely needs this kit, but if something does go wrong, I’m confident this kit will help me exit. .


  • 2m of heavy duct tape,
  • ski pole splint,
  • tent pole splint,
  • 2 x 100kg zip ties,
  • 2m of wire,
  • spare strap with buckle,
  • 2 x 3mm cord,
  • lighter, 2-3 x safety pins,
  • leatherman juice,
  • powder pole basket,
  • and ski boot cuff rivet with a hex wrench.

In the summer I remove the boot rivet, and swap out the leatherman for a micro model and the powder basket for a more general purpose model. It all fits in a repurposed zippered pouch.

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